How long were viking ships?

Answer Viking ships were characteristically long and shallow, so that they could easily go inland. Viking ships ranged between 57 and 118 feet in length and were manned with 25 to 60 men; larger ships cou... Read More »

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What do Viking ships look like?

During the Dark Ages in Europe, Vikings raided much of the British and French coasts from there homeland in Scandinavia. To maximize the success of their conquests, Vikings made several different s... Read More »

How were Viking ships made?

The dragon-headed longboat remains one of the most distinctive surviving relics of the Viking era, which lasted from circa A.D. 800 to circa A.D. 1100. Constructed from wood by skilled ship-wrights... Read More »

What were viking ships called?

The Vikings were known and revered for their ship building and the ships they sailed. The term used for Viking ships is Drakkar. The ships are recognizable for their pointy ends, front and back.Sou... Read More »

Why were viking ships designed as they were?

The Viking Longship was the primary seagoing vessel used by raiders from 800 A.D. to 1100 A.D. for piracy and land attacks. Vikings arose from Denmark and Scandinavia, and they were feared by the p... Read More »