Who had the longest home run recorded?

Answer Though there has been much discussion and controversy on how the length of long home run hits are measured, according to Guinness Book of World Records, Mickey Mantle holds the record for the longe... Read More »

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What is the longest recorded labor by a woman?

Well, labor usually lasts from about an hour to 48 hours. But sometimes the mother may get tired of it and have a cesarean section. After 48 hours normally doctors will deliver your baby through ce... Read More »

What is the Longest recorded shot with an M16 Rifle?

Does vector the crocodile ever take his headphones off?

Would you ever spend $3,000.00 on a crocodile Hermes belt?

No. Not even if I were a multimillionaire. I could give a hoot about Hermes or any other couture brand and I don't want any crocodiles killed so I can hold my pants up. If suddenly had a $3000.0... Read More »