How long was the length of servitude for a slave?

Answer The American History page on the Watertown Public Schools website notes that unlike indentured servants who worked for a contracted number of years and then were released, slaves were almost never ... Read More »

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How long is tea length?

A tea-length dress or skirt is one of medium length that has a hem that ends at the shin or calf. It is usually considered a less formal substitute for a floor-length dress.Source:Wise Geek: Tea Le... Read More »

How long is a tea length gown?

Tea-length gowns are usually worn by bridesmaids and fall between the knee and the ankle. They are less formal than floor-length gowns and are appropriate for spring or summer weddings.Source:Perfe... Read More »

How long should a tea length dress be?

A tea length dress has a bottom hem that can fall anywhere from just below the knee to just above the ankle. Most store-bought tea length dresses come to a woman's mid-calf. The actual inches from ... Read More »

How long are bermuda length shorts?

The length of Bermuda shorts depends on the leg length of the wearer. True Bermuda shorts are the official attire of businessmen in island nation, and are tailored to fit. The shorts should have a ... Read More »