How long was a typical tour of duty in Vietnam?

Answer Short Answer: 12 months: "Tour of duty" means how much time did a person typically spend in a war zone. In Vietnam, the "war zone" was complicated. For 99% of Army and Marine ground soldiers, the w... Read More »

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How long did a soldier who was drafted tour was in Vietnam?

A man was inducted for 24 months. 6 for trng, 12 for Nam, and usually an early out if he did his job. If he didn't, or the army needed him, then he did the whole 2 yrs.

How long did you have to serve in the Vietnam War if you were drafted?

The Vietnam Era draft carried a six year commitment, that is those drafted served for six years or until the end of the conflict, whichever came first.

How long was a typical tour of duty of a sailor in Vietnam?

Unless corrected by someone, US Sailors conducted WESTPAC cruises, which may have lasted about 6 months on the gunline in Vietnam. Brown Water Navy sailors manning the Swift Boats and other riverin... Read More »

What countries were in alliance with south Vietnam during Vietnam war?

US, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, South Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines.