Am missing the magazine to a 22 long pistol?

Answer Gun shows, gun shops, e-gunparts, or you might just type a query in a search engine for it. Just put the make and model of your pistol and "magazine", and see what turns up.

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How long does a GE Smart Water filter last?

Change the Smart Water filter in your GE refrigerator at least every six months. If you notice the water flow in your ice maker or water dispenser slowing down, replace the filter sooner.Source:GE ... Read More »

How long will it take for a Smart Seal pool paint to dry?

Smart Seal pool coating will dry completely in about two days. A second coat may be applied after a minimum of four hours, and the pool can be refilled with water after a minimum of 48 hours.Source... Read More »

My metro smart phone battety doesnt hold a charge very long?

Being on the web would drain the battery anyway. Have you tried another charger to eliminate the charger itself as a fault? If not that, it may be faulty or need a new battery depending on its age.

If I get a Samsung smart 3D bluray player would it be compatable with a LG Cinema 3D Smart TV?

Yes. Brand compatibility is not an issue with mainstream consumer electronics such as these. Staying within a brand may provide convenience features, such as remote control cross compatibility out ... Read More »