How long was WWII?

Answer World War II began on September 1, 1939, when Nazi Germany invaded Poland. The war ended on September 2, 1945, when Japan formally surrendered. World War II lasted six years and caused approximatel... Read More »

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Who was known as the exterminator in WWII?

Adolf Eichmann was known as "The Exterminator" during and after World War II. Eichmann is generally considered the architect of the Holocaust because he coordinated the removal of more than 5 milli... Read More »

Who was known as"The Exterminator"in WWII?

In World War II, Nazi Adolf Eichmann was known as "The Exterminator." Eichmann was also known as "the Architect of the Holocaust." After World War II, Eichmann lived as a fugitive in Argentina unti... Read More »

When did the blockade in WWII end?

Two major blockades occurred during World War II. The first was the Battle of the Atlantic, which lasted from Sept. 3, 1939, to the end of the European Campaign on May 7, 1945. The other involved t... Read More »

What does T42 44 A mean on WWII dog tags?

The line T44 42 A on a World War II dog tag identifies tetanus immunization and the blood type. In this case, T44 means the immunization was given in 1944, 42 is the tetanus toxoid and A is the bl... Read More »