Do you believe that Paris Hilton should go to Jail?

Answer I think she deserves her punishment ... she is the one that violated her probabtion and got caught drinking and driving. If she does not end up going to jail that just proves that if you have money... Read More »

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Do you think paris hilton should go to jail?

yes she's a spoilt brat and hopefully a little bit of stir will sort her out emotionallyhowever what she really needs is a strong man to sort her out - I feel very sorry for her - being born rich a... Read More »

Paris Hilton faces jail time, do you felt bad for her?

Absolutely not, but I do feel bad for her parents. Paris needs to go to jail, the question is - will she?

Who would you rather hang out with for 1 day, Paris Hilton or Nicky Hilton?

Who do you think is prettyer Nicky Hilton or Paris Hilton?