Is Bob Barker of 'The Price is Right' dead?

Answer As of June 27th, 2011, NO! The 87-year old former game show host's namesake, the M/Y Bob Barker (that's a ship) had a collison on February 6th, 2010. Perhaps that is what you are thinking of...

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Is bob barker from the price is right still alive?

Yes bob barker is still alive dont believe those rumors about him Sagula wrote this

Should Rosie o donnell replace BoB Barker on the price is right?

I think Bob is brilliant. By putting rosie in his place the show is going to tank. It will be cancelled and everybody will always say.... Bob is the only one that could do it. He will be a leg... Read More »

How long was Bob Barker a TV show host?

Bob Barker was TV Show Host for The Price is Right for an amazing 35 years!

Do you think Rosie O'Donnell would be a good replacement for Bob Barker on Price is Right?

Yahhh i heard about that it. Its gonna be a friggin mess if she actually gets the job. Seriously what are they thinking, she's bound to let her temper get the best of her and when that happens lets... Read More »