How long until the bleeding stops after giving birth?

Answer The bleeding should lessen after the first few days but can continue about 6weeks. It will get lighter and lighter till it's just pinkish discharge.

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Still bleeding 5 weeks after giving birth?

All women will experience a discharge medically termed lochia. It is first mixed with blood, much like a period, that begins as a heavy flow and becomes lighter and brownish over time, ending as a ... Read More »

Is it normal for a dog to still be bleeding three weeks after giving birth to four puppies?

No not at all. Take your Dog into see your Veterinarian immediately. She could have dead pups still left inside of her decaying or retained placentas (after birth) that were not expelled after each... Read More »

What is wrong with dog who is still bleeding 6 weeks after giving birth to a litter of seven puppies?

Nothing is really wrong, actually my dog bled for about 8-9 weeks after giving birth to a litter of eight. I think that if she is still bleeding 9-12 weeks after she should be taken to a vet jus to... Read More »

How long do you have to wait after giving birth to have sex?

Everyone’s experiences make them an expert in their own right - so what is right for one couple may not be appropriate for another. Most couples wait for the magical 6 week mark and are dreadful... Read More »