How long to wait to start back smoking after having a baby?

Answer Forever. Smoking will cause your baby to have asthma and other diseases and conditions. It isn't worth your child's health to go back to smoking. It will kill you in the end, and don't you want ... Read More »

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Should smokers be put to the back of the line when they wait for treatment caused by smoking.?

Addiction is not an illness its lack of self control. To reference John Locke, everyone is born with a Tabula Rasa, clean slate.From birth you are starting out fresh. Some people continue to smoke ... Read More »

Your baby is four months old And you are dying to start smoking again will this harm your baby?

well smoking i one of the causes of SIDS if you don't know what that is, it is sudden infant death syndrome. but it unlikely for you baby to die that after he/she reaches 6 weeks old... but smoking... Read More »

How long should you wait to tan after having a baby?

Dr Joe says its OK to tan immediately after having your baby. Make sure you leave your baby at home with its father.

How long Must you wait to have sex after you just had a baby?

Most doctors suggest 4-6 weeks unles you had a difficult delivery with a tear or an episiotomy, then possibly longer. Usually after the post-partum exam by the physician.