How long to wait to plant after using weed killer?

Answer how long do i have to wait after applying weed killer before i plant

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How long should you wait to cut grass after applying atrazine lawn and weed killer?

How Soon Can I Plant After Using Weed Killer?

Spraying weed killer is a very common way to deal with areas infested by weeds. Many people spray their gardens before planting time -- to remove unwanted growth and to make room for their chosen p... Read More »

How soon can I plant perennials after using weed killer?

Check the label of the weed-killing product you are using to make sure it doesn't affect the soil long-term. Most herbicides affect only treated vegetation and gardeners can plant perennials as soo... Read More »

Weed killer that does not kill ice plant?

Magnesium Chloride can be used to kill weeds in ice plant. The California Department of Transportation has a document at that says: "Magnesium... Read More »