How long to reheat a pizza in the microwave?

Answer reheated a slice of pizza in a microwave while testing another product. The microwave took between one to one and a half minutes to heat a single slice depending on the topping... Read More »

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How to Reheat Flour Tortillas in the Microwave?

Flour tortillas are a flat bread and staple in households across the U.S. Southwest and taste best when they are fresh, warm and moist. Flour tortillas can be stored in a plastic bag in the refrige... Read More »

Can I reheat fried eggs in microwave without getting sick?

How to Reheat Frozen Pizza?

When purchasing or making multiple pizzas, you may need to freeze one to eat later. Reheating the frozen pizza requires a method that will crisp up the crust. Heating a frozen pizza in the microwav... Read More »

How to Microwave a Totino's Pizza?

Have you wanted a pizza but someone is using the oven well this is for you