How long to keep tax records after death?

Answer On One Hand: IRS Closes File After DeathThe Internal Revenue Service does not require that tax records and tax returns be maintained after someone dies, although in general any records that support... Read More »

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How to Look Up Death Records?

The reasons to look up a death record are many---from research to family business---and as of 2010 it's never been easier. The first place to check is online at the government's free website that d... Read More »

Who owns Death Row Records?

Lara Lavi, the chief executive of Wide Awake Entertainment Group, Inc., owns the hip-hop label Death Row Records, according to a January 2009 interview with Jacqueline Palank for "The Wall Street J... Read More »

Can you seal death records?

While there is no national policy in the United States concerning death records, in general, they can only be sealed by court order. This is rare, and is usually only done in special circumstances... Read More »

Does the DMV check death records?

The Department of Motor Vehicles does not check death records. A death record is necessary to establish new ownership of a vehicle after its owner dies. Parties seeking vehicle ownership must obtai... Read More »