How long till dent fills in on cut?

Answer Stop putting stuff on it.New skin will grow in the "dent", and the skin surrounding it will blend in the the normal process of skin growth.

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How long do order fills take in Forex?

Order fills usually take a fraction of a second in Forex, since all buy and sell commands are routed at light speed through automated brokerage platforms and dealer networks. Market orders execute ... Read More »

How long will they keep me in the hospital if i am going to get a by-pass and how long will it be till i can?

How long till I get the stomach flu?

If its been a few days then more than likely you won't have it. But to be on the safe side stay away from anyone who has had it for 2 weeks. Also you need to lysol all surfaces that has been touche... Read More »

How long till I get my braces off?

the most obvious sign when they only have around a month left is they will bend the arch wire with the pliers. this is to close any gaps once everything is aligned. Just be really good with your el... Read More »