How long till I can smoke after having wisdom teeth pulled?

Answer If you have gone 8 days without smoking why don't you quit? This is the perfect time to quit smoking. You will save money and your life quiting. Just a thought.

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When can you smoke after having wisdom teeth pulled?

You should absolutely not smoke anything for at least a week after surgery, and preferably two or three weeks. It can result in dry socket, where the clot over the removed tooth is dislodged. Smoki... Read More »

How long till i can eat this again after wisdom teeth pulled?

i had mine out on a friday a few months ago, and i started eating regular after like 5-7 days

Is it safe to smoke marijuana a day after having two wisdom teeth pulled?

AnswerIf your marijuana is prescribed, please redirect your inquiry to your doctor, who will evaluate your circumstances and make a professional recommendation.It would be to your advantage to not ... Read More »

Is it okay to smoke after getting wisdom teeth pulled and having a dry socket and will it cause infection?

Answer you shouldn't, the sucking action is can cause a dry socket that is extremly painful, if you do try to cover it up with your tongue and only puff as gently as possible.