How long this internet strike will last?

Answer Most likely 24 hours. Thats what most sites I've seen are doing.

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How long will this infection last?

Don’t worry is a very common problem, basically BV is a recurring type infection. So, you have to control it very carefully.You know you have BV and it is curable. Now the question is HOWBy ... Read More »

When I stick something up my vagina it bleeds. How long will this last?

First of all, stop doing that. (What in the world are you sticking up there?) Secondly, if this continues, see a OB/GYN doctor.

My Mother passed Feb. 21, 2008. I have not been able to sleep since then. How long will this last.?

My thought and prayers are with you. A mother is special. Think how she would feel if she could see you now, so sad and unhappy. How do you think she would she feel. Not great i guess. Try to liv... Read More »

WITH JUST OVER A WEEK TO GO - Before BB9 Starts - Do You Think This Is The Last - The Very Last We Will Be....?

without even looking at the link suzy i know its about channelle , she's done alright out of her BB experience time for her to do one ...forever see ya channelle would... Read More »