How long should you wait to take pain killers while on mirtazapine?

Answer Mirtazapine encourages serotonin release. Solphadol is codeine + paracetamol (no corresponding agents) so yes, you can take it. If you had already taken some other form of opiate then no, but Mirta... Read More »

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Should I take two of those stikin pills my doctor gace me" or should I take 30 pain killers to kill me?

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How Long Should I Wait to Take a Shower After a Sunless Tan?

Growing apple trees requires knowledge of planting conditions, culture requirements and proper pruning, training and fertilization techniques. Successful growers must also manage pest infestations.... Read More »

How long should you wait to take your baby out after vaccinations?

Side effects from vaccination can include slight fever and fussiness, but some have no side effects. If you child seems in good spirits, there's no reason to delay going on outings with her.

How long should you wait to take a pregnancy test after you have sex?

You should wait at least 3 weeks before your able to tell if your pregnant for sure that's what I did but I had a miscarriage and I'm trying again