How long do you have to wait to get married after a divorce in georgia?

Answer While few states have waiting periods from 30 days to six months, there is no requirement to wait for a certain length of time before remarrying in Georgia. According to the law, people can marry a... Read More »

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Teens: Do you think you will wait til your married til you lose your virginity?

Yes, I hope I have the strength to maintain that moral.I certainly know the strength of temptation, and I want to get married later in life (Somewhere around 25, after I've finished my first year o... Read More »

I'm a 47 year old virgin. Do I still have to wait till I'm married?

Well im not waiting for marriage.i'm waiting for whenever i'm positive i'm ready , and i know it'll be special. even if it's not someone i wanna marry, it can be someone i really like that's a good... Read More »

Should I wait until I have a house and am married to buy expensive pieces of furniture?

If you are getting married soon, I would wait, if you have two incomes, it will be easier to splurge on antiques.

How long is too long to wait to punish a 5 year old for lying?

Answer Whenever you find out about the lie is the time you decide on the punishment. Your child kept the lie alive and well until you found out, so on with the punishment! This teaches your child t... Read More »