How long should you wait before connecting a new refrigerator?

Answer If you have bought a new refrigerator you can plug it in, set the temperature control to "normal" and switch it on as soon as you have unpacked it from its box or shipping materials!Before putting-... Read More »

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How long should you wait before plugging in a refrigerator that was transported upright?

5hrs wait in london because have connecting flights in london.?

You will not have enough time to see anything.It will take you an hour or so,each way,to get to the bus stop,wait for the bus,travel into london,then do the reverse.You then need to get from the bu... Read More »

How long is too long to wait to punish a 5 year old for lying?

Answer Whenever you find out about the lie is the time you decide on the punishment. Your child kept the lie alive and well until you found out, so on with the punishment! This teaches your child t... Read More »

How long does connecting a Mac to a PC with FireWire take?

Connecting a Mac to a PC using FireWire is a simple process that takes only a few minutes. It merely involves making a new network connection in System Preferences and entering simple IP address i... Read More »