How long should you take Plavix?

Answer Plavix is a prescription medicine that helps to prevent blood from clotting, reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke. There is no set time that Plavix should be taken; your doctor will decide w... Read More »

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How long does a person take Plavix after a heart stent?

On One Hand: Typical Plavix DosingAccording to Medicine Net, the healing process after a stent is placed in an artery is approximately three weeks. This requires patients to use an anticoagulant su... Read More »

Can plavix and coumadin be taken together?

go to and under the tab drug interactions input both drugs and see what it says. You can put in as many drugs as you take and it will tell you what reacts with what or doesn't ... Read More »

Is there a generic for Plavix?

Clopidogrel is the generic name for Plavix. It became available by prescription in Fall 2009. Prior attempts to bring the generic form public were halted by a December 2008 court ruling made by The... Read More »

What is the generic name for plavix?

The generic name for the medication Plavix is clopidogrel bisulfate. Doctors prescribe Plavix for patients after a heart attack or stroke or for those who suffer from peripheral arterial disease. C... Read More »