How long should you run a swimming pool pump?

Answer On One Hand: Leave the Pump RunningOne option to ensure your swimming pool is properly filtered is to leave the water pump on your pool running. With the water pump running, the water in your swim... Read More »

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Should you run your swimming pool pump after adding muriatic acid or turn it off and if you turn it off for how long?

Answer If you are adjusting pH, add acid by spreading it around the pool with filter pump ON. Leave pump run for a couple of hours after adding acid. If you attempting to adjust Alkalinity, add aci... Read More »

How long does it take for water to naturally heat in a pool to an acceptable degree for swimming when you first fill your pool?

Answer Actually depending on the weather, the pool can heat up in a few hours.It depends on the depth of the pool, the contours, length of sun exposure, and latitude. For example, a round kiddie po... Read More »

If the length of a swimming pool is 50 meters how many centimeters long is the pool?

How do I prime a swimming pool pump?

Priming Your PumpTurn off your swimming pool pump, and unplug it as well. Open the "air relief" valve--locations and specifics may vary by manufacturer--and close skimmer inlets. Open the drain val... Read More »