How long should you let your car warm up?

Answer On One Hand: Idling Wastes FuelIf the car starts on the first crank, the engine is ready to go. Idling simply lowers fuel economy, increases emissions and puts unnecessary wear on the engine. Thi... Read More »

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How Long Should I Let My Car Warm Up?

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How long should I warm a car before changing the oil?

On One Hand: Use CautionThe National Automotive Parts Association---better known today by its acronym, NAPA---recommends running the engine for five minutes to warm it. Warm oil will drain faster a... Read More »

How long should I let my motorcycle warm up before taking off?

bran new bike let it idle a few minutes.always check fluids first .oil all ways

To which temperature should you warm your baby's milk?

If you choose to heat it, warm it so that it is not hot to the touch. You don't have to warm it at all if you don't want. I used to serve my baby's bottles at room temperature so that if we were ou... Read More »