How long should you experience side effects from an epidural?

Answer probably 8 hours.

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If you've had an epidural, what are the downsides (bad side-effects) of an epidural steroid spinal injection?

The side effects is that you are being injected with a steroid so it's a bone thinner in the long run depending on how many you get. The day after, I may be flushed beat red and have a very tender ... Read More »

Have you had bad experience/side effects with Somnapure?

What should you do if you experience side effects of a vaccination?

See your doctor to get a record of the side effect so in the future medical personnel can treat you for the reaction prior to giving you the vaccine - or not take the vaccine in the future dependin... Read More »

Has anyone had any experience with SomnaPure, a sleep aid Does it work well Does it have side effects?

I took my first two SomnaPure tonight and, frankly, I do not like the way I am feeling. Within 15 minutes, I started feeling flushed, Now about an hour later, I continue to feel the same plus I ha... Read More »