How long should you broil snapper fish?

Answer To broil the popular snapper fish, compute cooking time by checking thickness of the cut. Ten minutes per inch is recommended. When preparing fish for broiling, be sure to oil each piece, preheat t... Read More »

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How do I broil snapper?

Prep the fish. Clean the fish with clean water. Slice along the belly of the fish and remove the guts. Sprinkle salt and pepper and anything else you would like for seasoning.Preheat the broiler on... Read More »

How long should London broil be cooked?

The cooking time of a London broil depends on how you'd like it cooked. For medium-rare to medium, broil it for 6 minutes on each side. If you prefer it medium to medium-well, broil it for 9 minute... Read More »

How to Broil Fish?

Learning how to broil fish provides cooks with a heart-healthy way to enjoy tender, flaky fish.

How to Broil Fish in a Cooking Bag?

You can save on clean up time and seal in moisture by broiling a fish inside a cooking bag. Plastic oven bags can be used to cook a variety of meats and vegetables at temperatures below 400 degrees... Read More »