How long it will take if I break my ankle ligament and undergo surgery It is a total ligament rupture. ?

Answer I had the same surgery in march so about 5 months ago or 150 days. It has taken me about 120 days to start to walk a little normally and they reckon 9 months to feel fully. You ankle is healing nor... Read More »

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Considering what a ligament does, why would a ligament injury be so serious?

The main purpose for a ligament is to stabilize the joint from internal and external compression and shear force change in direction. Its not that a ligament injury is serious any injury is serious... Read More »

Suspensory Ligament Injury in a Horse?

A horse's equine suspensory ligament helps support the fetlock joint and absorb shock. It starts at the back of the knee and runs down the cannon bone, attaching to the fetlock on the back of the h... Read More »

Muscle soreness or injury?

This sounds like muscle soreness, and it is normal. You just need to rest avoid doing push ups for the next few days to stop the pain.

Can a muscle injury cause lifelong chronic pain?

On One Hand: Muscle Pain Usually Subsides Within a Few DaysMuscle pain due to overuse or injury usually subsides within a few days with proper care, according to Medline Plus. The website recommend... Read More »