How long should white ash wood be seasoned?

Answer On One Hand: Seasoning RequiredThe notion that white ash can be burned green is erroneous. For seasoned wood to burn properly, the moisture content in the wood should be 20 percent or less. Freshly... Read More »

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Definition of Seasoned Fire Wood?

The ambiance created by a real wood fire is so homey and festive, but creating an efficient and safe fire requires more than just throwing in any old log. If you have recently installed a wood sto... Read More »

What is the state of Connecticut's definition of seasoned fire wood?

According to the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, seasoned firewood is firewood that has been "cut and air dried for at least six months." While this is the legal definition, che... Read More »

How long should firewood be seasoned?

Firewood should season for at least six months, meaning that wood cut in early spring is usually ready for burning by October, according to the Wood Heat Organization. The purpose of seasoning fire... Read More »

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