How long should tax returns be kept in canada?

Answer The Canada Revenue Agency recommends that taxpayers keep their tax returns for six years. Canadians are also advised to keep all of the corresponding receipts and documentation during that time.So... Read More »

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How to File Late Tax Returns in Canada?

The deadline for filing a tax return in Canada is April 30. If you do not have a balance owing on your tax return, there are no penalties for filing late; however, filing late may prevent you from ... Read More »

How Long Do You Need to Keep Your Tax Returns?

Keep copies of your filed returns. The IRS recommends that taxpayers keep return records as long as any limitation for a particular event runs out. For example, the limitation for fraudulent on non... Read More »

How long should I keep old tax returns?

Although there are different statue of limitation lengths, the average time taxpayers should keep old tax returns is seven years. Among the varying times, the statue of limitations on auditing col... Read More »

How long should you retain your irs tax returns?

On One Hand: The IRS Recommends Retaining Returns IndefinitelyThe IRS recommends that you keep some tax return documents, especially those that apply to property taxes, indefinitely. You should als... Read More »