How long should sleeves on a dress shirt be?

Answer Dress shirt sleeves should be long enough so that when you raise your arms the cuffs of the sleeves do not expose your forearm. When your arms hang to your side, there should not be more than 1 inc... Read More »

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How to Roll up Long Sleeves on a Dress Shirt?

Sometimes a dress shirt is too dressy for a particular occasion, or maybe its just too hot for long sleeves. Rolling up the sleeves can be done to look casual or neat, depending on the look you're ... Read More »

If my wife doesnt put a symmetrical line in my shirt sleeves should i scold her?

I'd slap her in the street with a slightly wooden setsquare just for being unevenly slap-dash, Then take away her private clean laundry collection to be exhibited at the local doctors as botox fod... Read More »

If you have a mostly black shirt, with white long sleeves, how would you wash it?

How to Roll Up Shirt Sleeves?

Are your sleeves too long? Is it too warm in the room? Do you simply want to look more casual and relaxed? Roll them up!