How long should receipts for taxes be kept?

Answer Keep all tax records, including receipts for deductions taken on your tax return, for three years. After this, you may destroy the receipts and tax records.Source:Keeping Federal Income Tax Returns

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How Long Should Receipts & Payments Be Kept?

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How long should personal income taxes be kept?

On One Hand: IRS Only Audits Three Previous YearsThe Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a statute of limitations that prevents it from auditing a tax return after three years. Once April 15, 2011 c... Read More »

How Long Should You Keep Receipts & Bills?

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How long should I keep personal receipts?

Rules vary based on the type of tax the receipts are related to for expense substantiation. As a precaution, keep receipts for three to seven years. If you did not file taxes, or your return is fo... Read More »