How long should pool paint dry?

Answer When painting a pool, it is important that it be dried for a full seven days. A fan or blower should be employed to hasten the process. If the pool is indoors, the paint must dried for 14 days, a... Read More »

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How long should epoxy pool paint dry?

Epoxy pool paint on an outdoor pool should cure for one week while indoor pool paint should be given two weeks. Add an extra day of drying time for epoxy paint every day of rain.Source:"The Ultimat... Read More »

How long will it take for a Smart Seal pool paint to dry?

Smart Seal pool coating will dry completely in about two days. A second coat may be applied after a minimum of four hours, and the pool can be refilled with water after a minimum of 48 hours.Source... Read More »

Where can you get Royal Purple paint to paint an emblem on the bottom of a concrete pool?

Answer Auto paint supply company can match any color; will also have enamel or urethane paint which should work well.

How long does it take for water to naturally heat in a pool to an acceptable degree for swimming when you first fill your pool?

Answer Actually depending on the weather, the pool can heat up in a few hours.It depends on the depth of the pool, the contours, length of sun exposure, and latitude. For example, a round kiddie po... Read More »