How long should people detox their bodies?

Answer On One Hand: Detoxification: Limited Length of TimeDetoxification can become dangerous when it is done on a long-term basis. Muscle breakdown and a shortage of nutrients, vitamins and minerals can... Read More »

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When people say they are more comfortable with their bodies at 40 then they were at 25 that's BS right?

Nope. I'm still a fantastic beast and I'm almost 50.RAWR!

Media's Effect on People's Bodies?

It is no secret that the media is a common part of everyday life. Billboards, magazine covers, movies and commercials are constantly bombarding people with beauty ads and images of perfect-looking ... Read More »

Why do people get their own names tattooed on their bodies?

So, when they wind up dead in the Bronx, the cast of Law & Order can identify them before the first commercial break.[Person below: ...racist? How?]

How to Draw People with Big Heads and Small Bodies?

Drawing people requires practice. While drawing people in cartoon proportions is not easy, there's room for inaccuracy because it's whimsical.