How long should people detox their bodies?

Answer On One Hand: Detoxification: Limited Length of TimeDetoxification can become dangerous when it is done on a long-term basis. Muscle breakdown and a shortage of nutrients, vitamins and minerals can... Read More »

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Why do people get their own names tattooed on their bodies?

So, when they wind up dead in the Bronx, the cast of Law & Order can identify them before the first commercial break.[Person below: ...racist? How?]

Do Chinese people get English sayings tattooed on their bodies?

yeah, i can just see some Chinese guy with" Save a horse, ride a cowboy", tattooed in their arm

Why do people mutilate their bodies with piercings and tattoos?

Well being a Roman Catholic I have to agree. Why do people put too much on they're wonderfully created bodies? Well I personally like piercings on ears, and the bridge of the nose. Tattoo's, well i... Read More »

How Long Should One Leave a Detox Body Wrap On?

Detox body wraps can be a great way to rid the body of toxins, especially when the toxins retain water. Smoking, drinking alcohol and eating a diet full of sugar and salt can lead to an accumulatio... Read More »