How long should one finance a boat?

Answer A boat is similar to an automobile in that it is a depreciating asset, in most cases. Therefore, the borrower should borrow money for a short term. Short term notes range from five to seven years, ... Read More »

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How long can you finance a used boat?

It is possible to finance a used boat up to 20 years. It will depend on the lender, a person credit score, the amount to be financed, the amount put down and the borrower's credit score.References:... Read More »

How long do most people finance a boat for?

A person can finance a boat anywhere from five to thirty years, depending on a number of factors (cost of boat, credit, payment options, etc.). However, most people tend to finance a boat between ... Read More »

How Long Can You Finance a Boat Loan?

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How long can you finance a used car?

On One Hand: Up to 72 monthsFinance companies help people across the country finance new and used cars in a professional and reliable matter. The process can be very simple and the period of time ... Read More »