How long should my wound take to heal?

Answer about 3 years

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Doctor lanced my long does it take for the wound to it suppose to swell up he wound is deep!?

Very normal. Sounds like you have a Staph infection. Nasty business. Just stick w/ the antibiotics and drink TONS of water, this flushes out the toxins. Keep it clean and avoid strenuous exercise u... Read More »

How long would a bullet wound take to heal?

years cuz of rehabilitation if head weeks to a month if shoulder

How long does it take a bullet wound to heal?

Holy cow...I seriously hope this is for research. The patients I have had in the hospital have taken a variety of recovery periods. You have to consider A LOT of factors like the age of the patie... Read More »

Does diesel heal a wound?

NO! A wound must be kept clean t insure healing! :)