How long should my cat eat kitten food?

Answer A cat should be gradually switched over from kitten food to adult cat food at around 9 to 10 months of age, when he is about 80 to 90 percent of his projected adult weight. For some cats, this may ... Read More »

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How Many Ounces of Cat Food Should I Feed My Kitten?

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What Type of Canned Cat Food Should be Used to Feed a Kitten?

Once you begin wean your kitten off milk replacement formula, you can start to switch it to a canned food diet, feeding it solid food completely by 10 weeks of age. A kitten, with its developing te... Read More »

How to Switch a Small Kitten From Canned Food to Dry Food?

Once you have weaned your kitten off of formula or mother's milk and onto a wet food diet, you can slowly transition it to a dry food diet. Unlike wet, canned foods, you can safely leave out dry fo... Read More »

How Long Should Poodle Puppies Be on Puppy Food?

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