How long should it take for the umbilical cord to fall off an infant?

Answer Answer umbilical chord my baby grand daughters fell off when she was 10 days old but is still bleeding slightly

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How do you cut a cat's umbilical cord?

Most cats will do that themselves, with their teeth. If a cat doesn't or cannot for some reason, tie a knot in the cord between the kitten and the mother, then cut it with scissors between the knot... Read More »

When should you cut the umbilical cord?

What happens if an umbilical cord is not cut?

The umbilical cord attaches the infant to the placenta. If left alone, it would normally wither and fall off eventually anyway; clamping it and cutting it off is just a more hygenic and safer way o... Read More »

Why do you cut off the umbilical cord?

the umbilical cord is cut to prevent blood loss of the baby