How long should it take for my son's front teeth to grow in?

Answer The baby teeth fall out because cells eat away at the root to prepare the way for the permanent teeth to come in. Sometimes they get the job done before the replacements are ready to come in. It ma... Read More »

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How long does it take for wisdom teeth to fully grow in?

Count on probably another few weeks if you can already see them breaking thru. Try some OraGel. It will help.

How long does it take for teeth to grow fully through?

A dentist would construct a removable prosthetic device called a "flipper." It is made to look just like your regular teeth and will take the place of the gap until your permanent tooth grows in...... Read More »

How long would it take to close a gap between your two front teeth with braces if you have no other tooth problems?

AnswerMy advice is to consult an Orthodontist. It is possible to get partial braces, or just braces on your upper teeth. I also had a bit of a gap between my 2 front teeth and it only took a few we... Read More »

How much should it cost to take out two wisdom teeth and how long is the procedure?

ANSWER: The price of removing wisdom teeth varies from city to city and state to state. Also, keep in mind certain factors may affect the price such as; Do you have dental insurance or not?I, on th... Read More »