How long should it take for a customer to be acknowledged at a wetherspoons bar?

Answer you have to be on level 13 and then go to Yukea. but it might not always be there they change every 15 minutes so you might wanna check back and forth

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Work Trial at Wetherspoons...?

of course you have a good chance hunni....don't be nervous and have confidence in can do it!! onwards and upwards!!i don't work there but i work in catering...just make sure you loo... Read More »

Have your adoptive parents ever acknowledged your first mom's pain?

I'm also a first mother and I've been reunited with my son for over 18 years. Never have his parents acknowledged my pain - in fact they're very uncomfortable with talking about feelings around ado... Read More »

I just 'acknowledged' a YouTube copyright claim, now my video works. What happened?

It means that you've understood that there is copyrighted Music within your video, YouTube won't take your video off. But i believe that if you tried to Monetize that Specific video it wouldn't work.

How to Use Customer Service to Build Long-Term Customers?

Using customer service to build long-term customers is called relationship marketing. Relationship marketing focuses on customer satisfaction as a means for gaining retention by building long-term ... Read More »