How long should it take for a child's permanent tooth to grow in after losing the baby tooth?

Answer a couple of weeks

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What do you do in the case of an adult tooth growing in behind the baby tooth before it has fallen out?

Answer Most of the time the baby tooth will fall out eventually. If it doesn't seem to be getting loose, it should be removed by a dentist so it doesn't cause adult teeth to be crowded or crooked.

How long do you have to wait after a root canal before you can brush that tooth if it is your front tooth?

Usually on the evening on the day after the procedure.

My childs top front tooth is very wiggly and loose, how will it come out?

I would leave her to it, unless she is asking you to do something. This is an ownership thing, it's her tooth. She is scared because she isn't ready to force such a big change, she needs time to ge... Read More »

Tooth growing on top of baby tooth!?

Going to the dentist to have a baby tooth removed will be *less* painful. They will numb you completely and get rid of it in seconds. Baby teeth that refuse to come loose are still attached to the... Read More »