How long should installing Mac OS X take Details....?

Answer Normally, it should take 40-90 minutes depending on the computer and the version of OS X. It should not stay at one number of percent for more than three or four minutes.Boot to the install disc. G... Read More »

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When I defrag it takes a long time, should it was told it should not take more than 5 mins.?

depends.. when you defrag you're copying and recopying data chunks and putting the related ones near each other so you can access them faster in the future. so it depends on your RAM, total disk sp... Read More »

How long does it take before you can tell you are pregnant and how long before you should feel symptoms?

2 weeks after intercourse. Well, with me I had symptoms a week before I got pregnant so i don't know everyones body is diffrentAnswerHmmm, you say you knew you were pg a week before? My breasts hav... Read More »

How long should i take antibiotics?

Yes you need to take it as long as your doctor prescribes it. Your doctor might also advise you to take prophylactic medications before going to the dentist. I think I have read some of the precaut... Read More »

How long should I take Enzara?

Enzara is typically taken once or twice daily for one to three weeks. MedcoSouth Healthcare Company, LLC recommends that Enzara can be taken from one to six months depending on the nature of the co... Read More »