How long should installing Mac OS X take Details....?

Answer Normally, it should take 40-90 minutes depending on the computer and the version of OS X. It should not stay at one number of percent for more than three or four minutes.Boot to the install disc. G... Read More »

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How long is a general chiropractic appointment (Details below):?

No, sweetie, you're being jacked. When I had the same problem, they used the electrodes, I forget what it's called, sorry. Anyway, it sends electrical impulses into the muscles and relaxes them. Th... Read More »

How to Watch Out for the Fine Details in Long Term Agreements?

Consumers must be wary for long term contracts that are slipped into many products. As many people discover in frustration, it is difficult to get out of a cell phone contract. Here are some method... Read More »

OK so it's a long story and you don't need details but how DOES one get spaghetti stains out of underwear?

What HAVE you been trying to do with the FSM and his noodly appendage?Brightest Blessings,Raji the Green Witch

How long do phone companies store text message details?

How long a phone stores text message details depends on the policies of the particular carrier, according to Slate Magazine. Most carriers do not save data for more than two weeks unless ordered to... Read More »