How long should i wait to get tested for hiv?

Answer On One Hand: 16 Day MinimumAfter becoming infected with HIV the time between infection and when testing can be accurate is a minimum of 16 days. It takes a minimum of 16 days for the antibodies in ... Read More »

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How long should a person wait to get tested for hiv?

For the most commonly used HIV test, most people can be tested two to eight weeks after possible exposure. Even if you get a negative result after being tested within three months of exposure, you ... Read More »

My husband was tested for hiv on november, should i get tested?

Yes. One way to think about this question (and many other health questions) is this way: "If I have the disease, what are the risks to me and/or others if I don't know?" For certain diseases, the... Read More »

How long should I wait to drink?

Yes keep away from it with a sensitive tummy. You don't want to turn up and puke on everyone. I suggest a very short visit as you maybe still unwell. You should be taking rehydrating drinks and bla... Read More »

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