How long should i leave my homemade tortilla wraps before serving them?

Answer Em I wouldn't wait 4 hours as the fresher they are the nicer they'll be but up to 30 minutes would be fine.

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Should I eat 1 or 2 tortilla chicken wraps?

I'd get up and move around a little and do some little chore around the house (pick up some clothes, wipe the countertops, etc.) and then ask yourself if you really want the second wrap. Sometimes... Read More »

Do u ever heat ur tortilla chips in the microwave before dippin them in salsa?

Nope... that sounds like it would be good though!I'll have to try it sometime!Thanks for a new cooking idea!^_^-A Beatles Lover

How long should i leave a sponge cake before icing?

It would be iced the same as you would any other cake. Make sure it is completely cool as if the outside feels cool the inside where the hole is may still be too warm. If you do the outside make... Read More »

How long should you leave earrings in after getting them pierced?

On One Hand: Standard Length of TimeWith proper care of the ear--using drying solutions and twisting the ear post with clean hands--healing can take about six weeks to three months from piercing. H... Read More »