How long should i keep filed tax returns?

Answer You should keep your filed tax returns and any records for no less than seven years. The IRS may initiate an audit up to three years after filing; however, it may be up to six years in certain case... Read More »

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How many tax returns were filed in 2007?

U.S. taxpayers filed 143,030,461 individual tax returns in 2007, 3.3 percent more than in 2006, according to the Internal Revenue Service. This number does not include tax returns that were filed s... Read More »

How many tax returns are filed annually?

In 2009, the Internal Revenue Service received 182,522,000 income tax returns. Of these returns, 144,103,000 were from individuals, 2,476,000 were from corporations, 4,496,000 were from S Corporati... Read More »

Are e-filed tax returns flagged?

E-filed tax returns are not flagged. While the IRS will not explain exactly what does trigger an audit, they will say that it "has nothing to do with the way that you filed it," states IRS spokeswo... Read More »

How many individual tax returns were e-filed in 2004?

There were 61,021,000 individual tax returns e-filed in 2004, a 15.8 percent increase from 2003, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Of those, 3,771,000 were tele-filed and 57,250,000 were f... Read More »