How long should hot tub jets run?

Answer The National Spa and Pool Institute claims that hot tub users should limit hot soaks to 15 minutes, but there is no limitation on how long hot tub jets can run. If the water is a cool temperature,... Read More »

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Its not fire, it is just the swords going in slow motion. If you look ahead to when Zuko and Jet are fighting back to back you will see that both of them sometimes have those flashes, so it is also... Read More »

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Are more jets in a hot tub better?

On One Hand: More Jets Mean a Better MassageMore jets can provide a more versatile massage action. Fewer than 12 to 16 jets may not provide enough of a massage. Additional jets allow the user to pl... Read More »

How do I clean the jets in my Spa?

That is a whole bunch of questions! As it happens, we also have a Sundance spa, c. 1998. To clean the jets: Typically, they are limed up if they are clogged - and getting through that needs an acid... Read More »