How long should flowers remain on the grave after a funeral?

Answer There is no definite rule regarding how long flowers should remain on the grave after a funeral. Many families take flowers with them and some cemeteries have predetermined periods, ranging from a ... Read More »

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How long should it take for a funeral home to furnish a grave site with a monument?

A funeral home specializes in caring for the deceased and bereaved. It can take up to six months for a monument to be created when the funeral home works with a headstone dealer. An in-stock graves... Read More »

How to Start a Funeral Grave-Digging Business?

If you've ever attended a funeral, you know that the last portion of the service comes after the guests have departed: lowering the coffin into a prepared grave. But who prepares that grave? Whil... Read More »

My husband and I visited my sons grave today, and I feel how I did at his funeral. I thought I was over this?

The pain of losing a child that you created isn't something that ever goes away, but it will become more bearable as time goes by.That's just the way it is so keep breathing and putting one foot in... Read More »

Who wrote"Do not put plastic flowers on my grave"?

The U.S. Copyright Office registered two works with the title "Don't Put Plastic Flowers On My Grave." One, written by Ivan Lee Meece, was registered in 1979 and received final copyright with the t... Read More »