How long should downhill skis be?

Answer With ski tails on the ground, tips should touch a skier somewhere between his/her nose and eyebrows. Some more experienced skiers often prefer longer skis, and may choose skis that extend above hea... Read More »

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How to Ship Downhill Skis?

If you're headed to a ski vacation or have picked up new skis on one, or you just need to send a pair to someone, the question of shipping skis is a good one, as it can be expensive to take them on... Read More »

How to Size Downhill Skis?

Choosing the proper size for your downhill skis is a matter of safety as well as comfort. Long skis will give you stability but are more difficult to control than short skis. Ability level and heig... Read More »

Different Types of Downhill Skis?

Skiing caters to thrill seekers looking to test their speed, strength, endurance, agility and flexibility, or any combination thereof. Each sport--be it downhill, cross country or freestyle skiing-... Read More »

Powder Skis Vs. Downhill?

If you're bored of recreational skiing and want to get away from the crowds, pick up a pair of powder skis and head off-piste, or off the groomed trails and into the back-country. Powder skis are f... Read More »