How long should concrete cure before caulking?

Answer The length of time concrete should cure before applying caulk to depends on usage. For smaller areas, let concrete cure 24 to 48 hours, then apply caulk. Larger surfaces, such as driveways may need... Read More »

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How long does it take for stamped concrete to cure?

According to Bill Plamer of Concrete Network, the average curing time for stamped concrete is about a week. During the curing process, maintain constant temperatures and moisture levels to prevent ... Read More »

How long should a new concrete driveway cure before you can drive on it?

According to the Portland Cement Association, a new concrete driveway should be cured for five to seven days from concrete placement. This crucial step significantly decreases concrete cracking and... Read More »

How long does Quikcrete fast-set concrete have to cure before painting?

Quikcrete recommends waiting a specified amount of time before painting on any surface repaired with Quikrete products. According to their website, you should wait 7 days before using latex paints ... Read More »

How long to cure new concrete before gluing a wood floor?

A newly poured concrete floor should cure 60 days or more before you glue down a wood floor onto it. Perform moisture checks to determine if the floor is fully cured before you start to glue down t... Read More »