How long should canceled checks be kept?

Answer On One Hand: Personal RecordsIf you want to keep personal checks to balance your checkbook or otherwise double-check bank records, you should keep them for six months to a year. That should give yo... Read More »

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How long to keep canceled checks and other documents?

Taxpayers should keep tax returns for three to seven years from the date of filing. The IRS has up to six years to challenge a return. You have three years to amend a tax return and receive a refun... Read More »

How long do banks keep records of canceled checks?

Each state determines how long financial institutions, including banks, must keep copies of records such as canceled checks. Some examples: in Maine, it is seven years; in Delaware and Ohio, it is ... Read More »

How long do you keep canceled checks and bank statements?

At a minimum, the Internal Revenue Service suggests keeping personal bank statements and canceled checks for at least three years. This will ensure that you will have all the banking information ne... Read More »

How long are checks valid?

Most checks are no longer valid after six months. A check is considered stale dated after this amount of time. However, some banks will still cash a check that is more than 6 months old. It varies ... Read More »