How long should an iPod battery charge last?

Answer When you are listening to music, an iPod battery should last for approximately 20 hours after a full charge. However, the battery will drain faster if you are watching TV shows, movies or looking a... Read More »

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How long does it take to charge an iPod iTouch battery?

The iPod Touch battery takes approximately four hours to fully charge when depleted, according to Apple. The device also has a fast-charge feature, which means the battery charges to 80 percent in ... Read More »

Can the battery of my ipod break if i charge my Ipod everyday?

There are cases when people charge their Ipod the whole night and placed it beside their bed when they're sleeping. The whole thing just exploded and his finger got burned badly.

HELP WITH iPod!!! My battery is dead, but when i plug it in, it doesn't charge?

hey babe try this hold the menu button and middle button at the same time until the apple icon shows up on da sreenif its broken i'll buy ya a new one baby

How long does a car battery keep a charge?

The length of time a car battery will keep its charge varies depending on battery condition, weather and parasitic load, but manufacturers design for at least 14 days of "garage" time.Source:How Lo... Read More »