How long should an evening gown be?

Answer On One Hand: Traditional Gowns Are LongEvening gowns traditionally flow to the floor. A proper hem should fall even with the floor, and must be sewn while you wear the shoes intended to be worn wit... Read More »

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How to Look Thinner in an Evening Gown?

Looking elegant and beautiful for a formal occasion is a problem for women carrying a little weight. A classy gown intended to bring out their best features can actually accentuate their worst. Tho... Read More »

What Would Be the Best Hairstyle for a Tube Evening Gown?

The push rods in your car work to actuate the rocker arms in the engine. The rocker arms in turn operate the valves, opening and closing the intake and exhaust valve to complete the combustion proc... Read More »

Evening Gown Fashions of the 1940s?

Shirley Miles O'Donnol in her book, American costume, 1915-1970: a Source Book for the Stage Costumer, says that the look of the 1940s was to follow the natural silhouette. Wartime shortages of fas... Read More »

How to Remove Dog Urine From a Satin Evening Gown?

Even the best-behaved dog has accidents on occasion, and the stains and smell associated with dog urine are not pleasant. Dogs are typically indiscriminate in choosing where they urinate and will g... Read More »