How long should adults wait to have sex?

Answer Not just adults but anyone... wait until you are in love with 1 person. The person that makes your heart stop, your stomach have butterflies, and the person who makes you want to give up everything... Read More »

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How long should you wait to have sex after childbirth?

You should wait until you are both comfortable with it. By six weeks all the organs should have returned to their normal state but you don't have to wait until then. I would not suggest you have se... Read More »

How long should you wait to have intercourse after using monistat 1?

Wait until the discharge, redness and irritation cease and then wait about 2 days after that, once all is cleared up then you should be good, but do not have sex early before it clears up or that c... Read More »

How long should you wait to take a pregnancy test after you have sex?

You should wait at least 3 weeks before your able to tell if your pregnant for sure that's what I did but I had a miscarriage and I'm trying again

Webmail is down- how long should I have to wait until it's mended?

That all depends what it went down for.If it was a total sever crash then there is no time limit is the answer to that.Maintenance depending again what they have got to do.